How to design the perfect craft beer label

How to design the perfect craft beer label

A walkthrough of the complicated process of beer bottle label design, tackling branding, styling and legal requirements.

The craft beer market is massively competitive, so as you might expect, there are a ton of factors that need to be considered to ensure a product's success. How competitive are we talking, exactly? Well, let’s get a little perspective on the situation:
In the US in 2015, craft beer grew by 12.8%, while overall beer sales declined 0.2%. There are also now more than 4,000 registered breweries in the US, and that number is rapidly growing year-by-year.
Take a look at this simple, easy-to-follow infographic (created by ) - it provides you with everything you need to know, and guides you through the complicated process of designing an effective craft beer label.

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